Sbi credit card sales job interview questions and answers 2024

sbi credit card sales job interview questions and Answers

Q1. Tell me about your self?

Q2. If i am your customer then how can you treat me?

Q3. What do you know sbi card?

Sbi credit card sales job interview questions and answers

Q4.How would you convince a customer to apply for SBI card when he has already 3 other banks cards?

Q5. What are 5 reasons which you will give to convince a customer to buy SBI Cards?

Q6. Which sbi Credit card is best and Why?

Q7. Which SBI Card would you recommend for a customer with Rs 10 lakh Salary?

Explain Me About Any Issues You’ve Had With A Previous Boss?

Answer : If you fall for this one you shouldn’t be hired anyway. The interviewer is testing you to see if you’ll speak badly about your previous supervisor. Simply answer this question with extreme tact, diplomacy and if necessary, a big fat loss of memory. In short, you’ve never had any issues.

Question 2. Tell Us What Do You See As The Important Future Trends In This Area?

Answer :

This works well for some positions – technical ones and leadership ones – and not well for others. It should be pretty obvious from the type of job you’re applying for whether this question might be asked. If it is, it’s easy to prepare for – just spend a half an hour reading some blogs on the specific areas you’re applying for and you’ll have some food.

Explain Me Are You Good At Working In A Team?

Unless you have the I.Q. of a houseplant, you’ll always answer YES to this one. It’s the only answer. How can anyone function inside an organization if they are a loner? You may want to mention what part you like to play in a team though; it’s a great chance to explain that you’re a natural leader.

Why Are You Interested This Position?

Answer :

This is actually something of a trick question, because it’s just a way of re-asking the second question (what you know about the company) and the fourth (what you know about the position). It’s asked because it tells whether people give flippant answers to questions (things like “because I’m a people person”) or whether they think about things and give a genuine question. This is a good question to formulate an answer for in advance – basically, just come up with a few things that seem intriguing to you about the company and the position and reasons why they interest you.

Explain Me Have You Done Anything To Further Your Experience?

Answer :

This could include anything from night classes to hobbies and sports. If it’s related, it’s worth mentioning. Obviously anything to do with further education is great, but maybe you’re spending time on a home improvement project to work on skills such as self-sufficiency, time management and motivation.

Explain Why Did You Leave Your Last Position?

Answer :

Mostly, this is looking for conviction of character. A strong, concrete answer of any reasonable sort is good here. “I wanted to move on” is not a strong answer. Downsizing is a good answer, as is a desire to seek specific new challenges (but be specific on what challenges you want to face). Minimize your actual discussion of your previous position here, as you’ll be very close to a big opportunity to start bashing your previous position.

What’s Your Biggest Weakness As Credit Card Officer?

Answer :

If you’re completely honest, you may be harming yourself more than you imagine. If you say you don’t have one, you’re obviously lying. This is a tricky question and one that politicians have become masters at answering. They say things like “I’m perhaps too committed to my work and don’t spend enough time with my family.” Oh, there’s a fireable offense. I’ve even heard “I think I’m too good at my job, it can often make people jealous.”

Please, let’s keep our feet on the ground. If you’re asked this question, give a small, work-related flaw that you’re working hard to improve. Example: “I’ve been told I occasionally focus on details and miss the bigger picture, so I’ve been spending time laying out the complete project every day to see my overall progress.”

Explain Me Are You Applying For Other Jobs?

Answer :

This is an honesty question. I’m looking for “yes,” but people who are trying too hard to feed me a line of nonsense answer “no.” The best way to answer is to say “Yes, in much the same way that you’re interviewing other people. We’re both trying to find the best fit for what we need and what we want.” If your answer is truly no, then say so – “No, I’m actually happy with my current position, but there were a few compelling aspects of this job that made me want to follow up on it” and list those aspects.

 So, Explain Why I Should Hire You As Credit Card Officer?

Answer :

As I’m sure you know, “because I’m great” or “I really need a job” are not good answers here. This is a time to give the employer a laundry list of your greatest talents that just so happen to match the job description. It’s also good to avoid taking potshots at other potential candidates here. Focus on yourself and your talents, not other people’s flaws.

Please Explain Would You Rather Work For Money Or Job Satisfaction?

Answer :

It’s not a very fair question is it? We’d all love to get paid a Trump-like salary doing a job we love but that’s rare indeed. It’s fine to say money is important, but remember that NOTHING is more important to you than the job. Otherwise, you’re just someone looking for a bigger paycheck.

Tell Us What Are Your Long-term Goals – Say, Fifteen Years Down The Road?

Answer :

This is a great late question because it tells you whether the person is a long-term thinker or not. People that plan for the long term are usually in a good, mature mental state and will often wind up being stronger workers than people without long-term plans.

Tell Us What Sets You Apart From Other People That Might Apply For This Job?

Answer :

The answer is usually already known to the interviewer based on the resume, but this is a chance for you to really sell yourself. Most interviewers will usually sit back and see how well you can sell. On occasion, surprises can be good here, but this can be tricky – if it’s something that should have been on your resume, why was it not on your resume? You’re better off knowing what the cream of the crop of your resume is and just listing it out.

 Please Explain A Suggestion You Have Made That Was Implemented?

Answer :

It’s important here to focus on the word “implemented.” There’s nothing wrong with having a thousand great ideas, but if the only place they live is on your notepad what’s the point? Better still, you need a good ending. If your previous company took your advice and ended up going bankrupt, that’s not such a great example either. Be prepared with a story about an idea of yours that was taken from idea to implementation, and considered successful.

Explain Me About The Worst Supervisor You’ve Ever Had?

Answer :These two questions simply seek to figure out what kind of management style will work best for this person and also how that person is likely to manage people. Let’s say I work in an organization with a very loose-knit management structure that requires a lot of self-starting. If that’s the case, I want to either hear that the “best” boss was very hands-off or that the “worst” boss was a micromanager.

On the other hand, if I came from a strict hierarchical organization, I might want to see the exact opposite – a “best” boss that provided strong guidance and a good relationship or a “worst” boss that basically left the applicant to blow in the wind. Your best approach is to answer this as honestly as possible – the interviewer will have a good idea of the corporate culture and, frankly, if you try to slip into a company where you don’t match the culture, you’ll have a very hard time fitting in and succeeding. These questions might be worded as “what kind of management style works for you.”

Tell Me What Do You Feel This Position Should Pay?

Answer :

Surprising to many, this is often not salary negotiation. In most cases, the person you’re interviewing with has little control over the final salary you’ll get. It’s usually used as a reality check – if you’re hiring a manager and they expect Rs80,000 you can probably toss the resume right then and there. At the same time, a highly-skilled programmer selling themselves at Rs50 lakh is also setting off some warning bells. A good answer is usually on target or a bit on the high side, but not really low or insanely high. I’d get an idea of the asking rate for the position before I ever go to the interview, then request about 30% more.

In a job for credit card expertise does a person has to run after people and tell them to make their credit cards or it’s a sitting job where people come to you for making their credit cards?

Yes even you get job in bank you have to go for sourcing and reach target otherwise your seniors will pressurize you and shout on u (everyday 1.application is compulsory)

What is the vacation policy like at SBI Credit Cards? How many vacation days do you get per year at SBI Credit Cards?

Every festival off.

How would you feel about telling people you worked at SBI Credit Cards?

It’s a great privilege for me to work in SBI credit cards, I learned a lot from there, it’s a very good environment to work.