DXL Credit Card Review 2024:

DXL Credit Card Review:

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DXL Credit Card Review

Comenity Bank offers a store credit card called the DXL, which provides you 1% back on all other purchases and 5% back on DXL purchases. A yearly charge does not apply.

Because of its high interest rate, it’s critical to pay off the entire amount each month to avoid accruing interest. Additionally, compared to certain other well-known credit cards like Visa or Mastercard, it is not as extensively recognized. This implies that not all stores may accept its use.

All things considered, those who regularly buy at DXL and would like to accrue rewards on their purchases may consider the DXL credit card. It’s crucial to understand the high interest rate and the lack of widespread acceptance, though.


No annual charge: For those who prefer not to pay an annual fee for a credit card, the DXL credit card is a wonderful choice because it has no annual fee.

Rewards: 1% back on all other transactions and 5% back on DXL purchases are earned with the DXL credit card. This can result in some significant savings, particularly if you regularly shop at DXL.

Special financing: When making DXL purchases, the DXL credit card offers exclusive financing alternatives, like six months with 0% interest if the balance is paid in full. This can be a useful method of financing a sizable purchase without incurring interest.



High interest rate: To avoid paying interest, it’s crucial to pay off the entire balance on your DXL credit card each month due to its high interest rate of 25.99% APR.

Not widely accepted: Not as commonly accepted as some other major credit cards, such Visa or Mastercard. The DXL credit card is not as frequently accepted as some other credit cards. This implies that not all stores may accept its use.

Low credit limit: If you need to carry a big balance, the DXL credit card might not be the best choice for you because of its low credit limit.

Overall, those who buy at DXL regularly and like to accrue points on their purchases may consider the DXL credit card. It is imperative to acknowledge the elevated interest rate and its limited acceptance.