Jharkhand Student Credit Card 2024: Benefits and Privileges, Apply

Jharkhand Student Credit Card:

In the era of rising inflation, many intelligent children from average families decide against continuing their education and start supporting their families by doing part-time jobs. This happens all over our country, but mostly in tribal areas and particularly underdeveloped states.

Students from places like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Odisha have the right to a bright future, but many are forced to settle for demeaning jobs.

Jharkhand Student Credit Card

In the state of Jharkhand, initiatives have been taken for the same bright students. The state of Jharkhand is a developing region. They should receive government aid so that they can complete their studies.

The Jharkhand Student Credit Card programme that the Jharkhand government has implemented will be discussed in today’s essay. The article that follows may provide you with all the details you require.

Jharkhand student credit card:-

  • The Jharkhand government offers a student a loan for further education through this programme in the amount of Rs. 10 lakhs at a basic interest rate of 4%.
  • If they successfully pay their interest during their education, students receive a 1% discount.
  • A 15-year window has been set aside for loan payback.
Jharkhand Student Credit Card

Documentation related to Jharkhand Student Credit Card:-

Needed paperwork for credit card applications:-

  • Permanent residing in Jharkhand,
  • Paper relating to a higher education institution,
  •  Paper relating to the money placed by the institution ,
  • Results of the 12th,
  • Your photo,
  •  voter Id and
  • Aadhaar card
  • information about  bank accounts.

Acceptance for the Jharkhand Student Credit Card:-

  • Must be a Jharkhand State Permanent Resident,
  • The commission and the government are currently having discussions about age, education, and other criteria.

Procedure for applying in JSSC:-

Its application process has not yet begun. Yet, if we are aware of the application’s format, we can assume that it will only be available online. You will receive information about the registration when it begins.

Definitely follow some steps in order to apply.

Step 1 :-👉 Visit the Jharkhand Government’s official website.

Step 2:- 👉 You can apply by clicking the link that you can see.

Step 3:- 👉 An application form is now visible.

 Step 4:- 👉 Please take the time to read and comprehend the criteria indicated there.

Step 5:- 👉 Start carefully filling out the necessary information and uploading the essential documents.

Step 6:- 👉 Please take your time reviewing this application, then click the “Submit” button.

Must remember:-

    Don’t forget to print out that paperwork.

Fees and charges of JSSC:-

This card is free because it is a government initiative that the Jharkhand government initiated for middle class pupils. You can apply for this without providing any money; more details are provided below.

SchemeJharkhand Student Credit Card
OrganisationGovernment of Jharkhand
BenefitsFinancial support
Loan amount10 lakhs
Application modeOnline
WebsiteUpdate soon
Interest rate3%
Time payout5-15 years

Jharkhand Student Credit Card vs Other States Student Credit Card:-

Every state has developed unique programmes for its citizens. Everyone has provided numerous advantages in these programmes for their students and their higher education.

Jharkhand Student Credit Card
West Bengal10 lakhs4%
Bihar4 lakhs1%
Jharkhand10 lakhs3%

Let us know how this Jharkhand Student Credit Card relates to the Bengal model since it is based on that one but differs from it in some ways. The JSSC offers loans for students preparing for competitive exams like the NEET, JEE, UPSC civil service exam, railway, and banking, which is not the case with the Bengal model.

Jharkhand Student Credit Card FAQ:-

1.What is the principal function of the student credit card?

  • Attracting low-income students to education.
  • To upgrade the state’s educational framework.
  • Provide assistance to students in need.
  • Loans are simple to obtain without collateral.

2.What does it offer members of scheduled tribes and tribal groups?

According to laws set forth by the Assembly and the Parliament, tribals have trouble obtaining loans. Thus, the government has decided to offer specific advantages as part of this programme.

Jharkhand Student Credit Card

3.I’m getting ready for the NET; may I get this card?

This card is, in fact, for competitive tests.

4.Is this card able to be used to pay for coaching?

Yes, this card is accepted by all other institutions as well as for student coaching and tuition.

5.Is there a maximum age for obtaining this card?

Sure, if you are older than 18 years old, you may apply.

Can it be used offline as well?

Such a choice has not yet been made.

6.Are there any fees associated with this card, or do we need to pay?

No, this card does not require payment from you because it is intended for underprivileged and tribal kids. If someone asks you for money relating to it, be wary.

7.When will the credit card application process begin under this plan?

Candidates must currently wait for it. The government is currently working hard to finish the corresponding projects.

8.Who can we contact if we have any issues?

Government officials have not yet released an official website or helpline number.


If you wish to take advantage of this card, you can apply for it right away by going to the Government of Jharkhand’s official website as soon as the application procedure begins. Therefore, if you’re a Jharkhand resident in need of money, go ahead and apply for this card—it comes with no fees and no promises.