How To Cancel IndusInd Credit Card in 2024?

Steps to Cancel IndusInd Credit Card in 2024

The world has become cashless and credit cards have become one of the biggest sources of it. With the help of which transactions are done easily. Seeing the benefits of credit card, its customers are increasing day by day, the conflict rate is also increasing.

So credit cards have their own distinct advantages. But sometimes for some reason customers have to close their credit card. If you also want to close the credit card, then you are at the right place. Let us know in simple words the complete process of cancelling the credit card.

Indusind Bank provides many facilities to its cardholder, out of which one of the best facilities was to close the card, that too only on the request of the cardholder.

Procedure for cancellation of IndusInd Credit Card:-

Indusind Bank has clearly mentioned the procedure for cancellation of the card in the Card Member Agreement. The bank has given both offline and online methods to cancel or close the card. We can choose any one as per our convenience.

  1. Offline:-

It is written in this agreement that the member will have to submit an official request by contacting the nearest indusind bank branch directly. The bank will take a few days before processing your cancellation request.

  • Online:-

It is very easy and simple to cancel the card online, just say that you can do it in a jiffy.

There are two easy ways to close online.

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A.To deactivate the card, we can install an “Indusind bank mobile” application on our phone which is easily available on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.Now you can turn it off by taking just a few steps.

  • Login to the credit card with your registered mobile number.
  • Fill in all the required information.
  •  Select Indusind Credit Card from the menu which will complete the registration process.
  • Now choose Indusind Credit Card Service.
  • You will now see the “block credit card” option, “click” it.
  • The bank will ask you the “reason” for closing the credit card.
  • Enter the correct reason.
  • The app will ask you to “confirm”. Click on “confirm”.
  •  And the bank will further process the request for closure of the card.

B. A 24-hour helpline is operational for the customers, on which they can call and cancel their membership.Call 022-42207777 or 18602677777, which is available 24×7, and put in an official cancellation request.

Points to remember To Cancel IndusInd Credit Card:-

Things to keep in mind while closing the card which we should follow.

1.Take care before closing the card.

  • Pay your dues:- Before closing the card, whether the card is primary or secondary, pay your old dues. Otherwise the bank will send you repeated messages which will be humiliating.
  • Take out your points:- If you have credit card reward points, redeem them before sending the termination request. The bank will give you only 30 days from the date of sending the termination request to redeem your points. Otherwise, your points will be worthless.
  • Cancel the automated payment:-It is better to make automatic payments than filling different types of bills, but remember that when you want to close the card, close it beforehand.

2.Things to keep in mind if the card is blocked.

  • If you want to close the card, do not pay with that card. This can confuse you unnecessarily.
  • Do not keep closed cards with you, you will put yourself in unnecessary trouble and if possible, destroy the card after it is closed.

1.Can I use the credit card even after its closure?

 Bank refuses to use your credit card after closing it.

2.Which is the easiest way to close a credit card online or offline?

We would suggest you close the credit card directly by visiting the nearest branch.

3.Can I destroy the credit card after closing it?

Yes, this should be done. You can cut or break the credit card into 2 halves.

4.Is it necessary to make all the payments before closing the credit card?

Yes, make all the required payments before closing the card.

5.Are there any other charges to be paid for closing the credit card?

Haven’t heard of this so far. If money is needed, the bank will definitely tell you.

RBI guidelines on termination of Credit Card:-

RBI has issued a guideline regarding the closure of credit cards.You can read all the guidelines of RBI on its official website.

  • The credit card has to be closed within 7 days of the closure request.
  • Before closing any credit card, its old dues have to be cleared.
  • If it is above 7 days and the credit card is not closed, then the credit card issuer has to pay ₹ 500 to the customer every day.
  • If the card is not used for a year, the card issuer can close it and the customer will have to respond within 30 days or else the card will be closed.
  • Give multiple options to the customers to close the credit card. Provide facilities like email, phone banking, net banking or mobile app.
  • If there is money on the card holder’s card, send it to the account.

It is very easy to close a credit card and by taking very simple and convenient steps, RBI has given all kinds of facilities to the customer sitting at home. So you also pick up the phone or go to your nearest branch and close your credit card by giving the reason as per your wish. And keep RBI’s words in mind and don’t be a fool.