Buc ee’s Credit Card Review

Buc ee’s Credit Card:

The TDECU is the official name of the Buc-ee’s credit card. The Platinum MasterCard from Buc-ee. It’s a rewards card that was created especially for supporters of the well-known Buc-ee’s convenience store business and is offered by Texas one of the largest credit union, TDECU.


WHAT Buc ee’s Credit Card OFFERS:

CASHBACK- All fuel and in-store purchases made at Buc-ee’s locations are eligible for 5% cash-back. You get five cents back for every dollar you spend at the store or on petrol. This can easily add up, especially for those who frequently purchase at Buc-ee’s.

DISCOUNT– The card provides a 5% discount on all in-store transactions at Buc-ee’s as well as at the pump. In essence, this implies that you will pay 5% less at the register overall. It’s similar like receiving an integrated 5% discount on every purchase you make at Buc-ee’s.


  • The first six billing cycles have 0% APR on purchases, so you can carry amounts from month to month without incurring interest during that period.
  • If the balance transfer is completed within 30 days of opening the account, there is a 12-month 0% APR. 
  • Regular APR of 7.99%–17.99% (after the 0% APR period): TDECU will determine your individual APR after reviewing your credit history. In the current market, any of these interest rates is fairly competitive.
  • No Annual charge: The Buc-ee’s card is an even better deal because, in contrast to many rewards cards, it has no annual charge.


Restricted Scope: The main disadvantage is that the benefits are exclusive to Buc-ee’s. Its normal 1% reward on everyday purchases made outside of their stores makes it less appealing for general spending.

Requirement of Credit Union: You must be a member of TDECU credit union in order to obtain the card. Before receiving the card, if you’re not already a member, you must complete the application process.

Temptation Snare: Buc-ee’s offers 5% off everything, so it’s easy to overspend, especially with their extensive assortment of enticing snacks and toys.


That five percent off is beneficial if you frequently visit Buc-ee’s. In addition, you’ll have to live with the fact that you’re spending five percent more than you should if you don’t acquire the card. (However, the 5% discount can be somewhat offset if you use a different rewards credit card.)

If you were to use this card anywhere else, however, you would be disappointed because there are no points for transactions made outside of Buc-ee’s. Therefore, even if you decide to apply for the Buc-ee’s credit card, you should still look through our list of the best credit cards to discover another card or cards that will allow you to earn rewards of up to 4% on dining out, grocery shopping, and other expenditures.