Tire Pros Credit Card Review: Features, Benefits, ELigibility, Charges

Tire Pros Credit Card:Your Tire Financing Companion

Tire Pros is a network of independently owned and operated tire dealerships, that extends Tire Pros Credit credit card as a financing solution. Customers can utilize the card to buy tires, wheels, and various vehicle services at participating Tire Pros outlets. 

Get to know the Tire Pros Credit Card basics 

The Tire Pros Credit Card, provided by Tire Pros and serviced by Synchrony Bank, is a specialized store credit card tailored for automotive needs. This credit solution enables customers to spread the cost of tire purchases and automotive services over time, offering a convenient alternative to immediate payments. However, it’s important to note that the Tire Pros Credit Card entails interest charges on the outstanding balance.

Designed exclusively for tire purchases and services at Tire Pros locations, this credit card provides unique benefits tied to the automotive industry. While it comes with advantages specific to Tire Pros, such as promotional deals and discounts, potential applicants should be aware of its relatively low credit limit. Additionally, compared to other credit cards, the Tire Pros Credit Card may have higher-than-average interest rates, emphasizing the importance of understanding the terms and conditions before opting for this financing option.

What are the advantages of Tire Pros Credit Card?

  1. Dedicated Credit Line- Cardholders can access a dedicated credit line for repeated use exclusively at Tire Pros Retailers, providing financial flexibility and convenience.
  2. Convenient Monthly Payments- Customers can enjoy the ease of managing their expenses with convenient monthly payment options, making it simpler to budget and plan.
  3. Flexible Payment Methods- You can seamlessly make payments online or by mail, offering flexibility and convenience tailored to your preferred payment method.
  4. No Annual Fee and Promotional Financing-  Tire Pros credit card holders get benefits from the Tire Pros credit card with no annual fees, ensuring cost-effective ownership.
  5. Avail 6 months of promotional financing on purchases exceeding $199, enhancing affordability for significant transactions. Plus, there are no annual fees.
  6. Enjoy peace of mind with no over-limit fees, allowing you to use your Tire Pros Credit Card without concerns about exceeding credit limits.
  7. $0 Fraud Liability- Customers can rest easy with the assurance of $0 fraud liability, providing protection and security against unauthorized transactions.

What additional benefits do Tire Pros credit card users get?

Tire Pros Credit Card holders enjoy a host of exclusive advantages, enhancing the overall ownership experience:

1- Cardholders receive priority services, ensuring swift and efficient assistance, especially during critical situations or urgent requirements.

2- Enjoy the privilege of accessing exclusive add-on options, allowing users to customize their automotive services based on their specific needs and preferences.

3- The credit card provides access to a vast network of over 30,000 Synchrony Car Care locations across the country, expanding its usability beyond Tire Pros stores. This extensive network ensures convenience and flexibility in service locations.

4-Paying for your tires becomes hassle-free with the Tire Pros Credit Card. Choose from various payment options, including online and automatic withdrawals, to suit your preferences.

What are the key features of the Tire Pros Credit Card’s online account management system?

Another notable advantage of the Tire Pros Credit Card is the seamless and secure 24/7 access provided through its online account management system. 

  • Accessible at any time, customers can quickly check their account balances online.
  • The online platform facilitates hassle-free bill payments, allowing customers to settle their credit card dues with ease and convenience.
  • Customers can effortlessly review and browse through their previous transactions.
  • The user-friendly interface simplifies the overall management of vehicle-related finances, providing a centralized platform for various credit-related tasks.

What is the Application Process (online or in-store ) for the Tire Pros Credit card? 

To conveniently apply for the Tire Pros Credit Card online, follow these simple steps:

1-Visit the Official Website and Navigate to the Credit Card Section:

2- Click on ‘Apply Now’:This action will direct you to the online application form. Complete the Secure Online Application Form:

3-Review and Submit: Make any necessary corrections, and once satisfied, apply.

4- Confirmation: After submission, you may receive an acknowledgment or confirmation message. Keep this for your records.

If you prefer to apply in person for the Tire Pros Credit Card, follow these simple steps:

1-Visit a Tire Pros Location and Request an Application Form:

2- Complete the application form with all the required information. Then, Submit the Application:

3-Once you have filled out the form, hand it back to the store representatives.

Upon approval, expect to receive your Tire Pros Credit Card by mail in 7-10 business days, with the credit limit based on your creditworthiness and annual income.

What are the application requirements and eligibility criteria?

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Eligibility to apply for a Tire Pros Credit Card is primarily determined by creditworthiness. A good credit history enhances the likelihood of approval.
  2. Applicants must be U.S. citizens to qualify for the Tire Pros Credit Card.
  3. Applicants should be at least 18 years old to be eligible for the credit card.

Required details for application :

  1. A valid government-issued photo ID is a fundamental requirement for the application process. 
  2. Provide your full name, current residential address, and other identifying details.
  3. Furnish your Social Security number for identity verification purposes.
  4. Include information about your employment to help assess your financial capacity.
  5. Disclose your gross annual income to facilitate a thorough evaluation of your financial situation.
  6. Submit your phone number and email address for communication and verification purposes.


1. Where do I check the status of my Tire Pros Credit Card account?

To check your account status, visit the Manage My Account page on Synchrony Financial’s website. Log in to access features like making payments, viewing balances, updating account info, and scheduling up to your next 12 payments.

2. How can I make a payment on my Tire Pros Credit Card?

Tire Pros offers three convenient payment methods:

Pay Online: Utilize the online payment option for quick and easy transactions.

Pay by Mail: Send your payment via mail using the provided instructions.

3. Are there any Additional Benefits Beyond Tire Replacement?

Yes, the Tire Pros Credit Card provides comprehensive perks beyond tire replacement, enhancing the cardholder experience with valuable benefits.

4. What are the important terms and conditions for the Tire Pros Credit Card?

Minimum Interest Charge: If interest is incurred, the minimum charge is $2.00. Understanding payment plans is crucial for effectively managing costs, especially for small balances.

5. Where can I use the Tire Pros Credit Card?

The credit card is widely accepted at over 600+ Tire Pros locations, offering flexibility and convenience for various automotive services.