How to unblock RBL Credit card?

unblock RBL Credit card in simple steps

We as a consumers, are so much into using  credit cards for our daily purchases, both offline and online. But sometimes, it is frustrating when our credit cards suddenly get declined.

Calm down, it is not a matter of panic.

But why does it happen? There are many reasons behind it, to find out, keep reading.

A credit card might get blocked for several reasons, but it is not a matter to be overly concerned about.

Situations where RBL Credit card can be blocked

             1.  Sometimes the bank might block your credit card for varied reasons which can range from surpassing the credit limit,  overutilization of credit cards , non repayment of credit bills, suspicious activity, fraudulent transaction or non receipt of KYC documents.

2. In some unusual cases, such as  when something new is bought from a new website or   app or it is an unusually expensive item.

3. If someone has lost their card, it would be a safety measure to block the card  to ensure avoidance of fraudulent transaction . This  can be done by immediately informing one’s bank services.

Steps to unblock the card

  1. Using the app = To unblock the card, you can use The RBL MyCard app ,which is one of the convenient methods that allows you to block or unblock the card with just a few clicks. 

To start, you need to visit the Google app store to download the necessary application. Once downloaded, sign in using credentials or internet banking Id and password. After reaching the main Dashboard, click on ‘My Account, tab at the bottom. 

From there you can view all details of your credit card,  including  the number, CVV, validity date,  credit limit  and cash limits. Just below that , click on the  ‘Settings ‘ button  located below the card details. Clicking on the ‘Settings’ button will redirect you  to a page where you can  select ‘ Switch off your card ‘ to block it. Once you return to the main dashboard  “ Switch on Card “ option with a toggle button , which you can simply turn on to unblock the card.

Advantage, One can block or unblock the card as per their requirement without having to visit the bank .

  1. Using customer care services is the  simplest method to unblock the card . One can call the 24*7 hour facilitated customer care service of RBL bank .  The call should be made from the registered mobile number with the bank.  The toll-free  numbers are given below : +91 22 62327777,  1800 121 9050 , +91 22 71190900 .

There are few disadvantages : a) If your card is permanently blocked , then this method is ineffective.

b) Here, you have to  explain the reason for blocking or unblocking and provide your ID proof and account number.

  1. Either by sending a mail to the Bank at, requesting them to unblock the card . The mail must contain all the necessary details of the credit card.  
  1. A SMS to the bank is also a readily available and simplest option that can be used to unblock a card. For this, one needs to type ‘ UNBLOCK < your credit card number’s last 4 digits >  ‘ and send it to +91 9223366333.
  1. One can also opt for the internet banking method. Just visit the RBL Net banking portal , enter the credentials to login , and do the necessary .
  1. Lastly comes  the most tiresome method of visiting the bank branch .

How long does it take for the RBL Credit card to get unblocked?

Usually, it takes around 1.5 to 2 weeks or more to get it unblocked, but it might vary depending on the bank branch and holidays in between.


So in a nutshell, users can put to use any method given to block or unblock their credit card but must not forget to ensure safety measures. But, remember if you have not voluntarily blocked your card,  get it unblocked to avoid the facing inconvenience.