Bank of Baroda Best Credit Card Review 2024

BoB Financial is a non-banking financial services company that is wholly owned by the Bank of Baroda. It primarily focuses on the credit card industry. It is controlled by BoB, a significant Indian bank and provides a variety of premium credit cards in a variety of categories, including shopping, eating, travel, leisure, and many more.

Additionally, the card issuer added premium and basic credit cards to its portfolio to ensure that everyone can find a card that meets their needs. This was done in order to cater to the needs of various groups of people.BoB Financial, a well-known credit card issuer in India, offers a variety of credit cards in many categories, including rewards, travel, and more.

It could be difficult for those who want a BoB Credit Card to compare all the features and advantages of any other credit card. To help them with the same, we have compiled a list of the top BoB Credit Cards along with a detailed description of each card’s characteristics and advantages.

Reasons to select Bank of Baroda credit cards:

The Bank of Baroda credit cards are made to give cardholders the most advantages possible. People can earn awards on their purchases that can be redeemed for special incentives in addition to earning money on credit when needed.

Customers using credit cards issued by Bank of Baroda are not charged a premium for fuel purchases. Other appealing advantages of the cards include free add-on cards, insurance coverage, inexpensive yearly and membership fees, etc.

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Applying Procedure:-

Those who want to apply for BoB Cards can do so by going to their nearby BoB branch or online at the following BoB Financial official website:

Step 1:- Go to

Step 2:- Choose the credit card for which you want to apply.

Step 3:- Hit the “Apply Now” button.You’ll be taken to an application form after that.

Step 4:- Before moving further, carefully fill out all the necessary information.As directed by the website, complete all the formalities.

How Can A BoB Credit Card Be Activated?

The first thing you should do after receiving your new credit card from BoB Bank is have it activated. There are both online and offline ways to activate your credit card, with the following list of the simplest being:

Using internet banking, your credit card can be activated. To find an activation/PIN creation option, simply log into your net banking account and browse the menu.

Moreover, you can activate the card using an ATM.

Visit the BoB ATM closest to you, enter your credit card, and then choose the card activation option from the main menu.

You can also get in touch with your card’s customer service and ask them to help you activate your credit cards.

List of credit cards that BoB offers:-

BOB Prime Credit Card

BOB ICAI Exclusive Credit Card

BOB ICSI Diamond Credit Card

BOB CMA One Credit Card

BOB Signature Visa Credit Card

BOB SELECT Credit Card

BOB Premier Credit Card

BOB Paytm Credit Card

BOB ETERNA Credit Card

BOB Assure Credit Card

BOB Titanium Master Credit Card

BOBCARD Easy Credit Card

Advantages & Features of the Best BOB Credit Cards.

Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card

Every time you use your BOB Premier Credit Card, you can earn rewards.

Joining Fees:- nil

Annual/ renewal Fees:- nil

Benefits and privileges:-

  • Guaranteed issuance without the need for an income proof against a fixed deposit of at least $15,000.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver.
  • All purchases get 1% cashback.

Bank of Baroda ICAI Exclusive Credit Card

Joining fees :- nil

Annual fees:- nil

Benefits and privileges:-

  • For every Rs. 100 you spend on online purchases, utility bills, and eating, you will receive 5 reward points.
  • At every gas station across the nation, the fuel surcharge is waived by 1%.
  • Three free add-on cards are available to you.

Bank of Baroda ICSI Diamond Credit Card

With the BOB ICSI Diamond Credit Card, you can receive up to 50 days of interest-free credit in addition to a host of premium benefits.

Joining Fees:- nil

Annual fees:- nil

Benefits and privileges :-

  • Every time you use your card to pay Rs. 100 for restaurants, online purchases, or utility bills, you’ll get 5 reward points.
  • You will receive a FitPass Pro membership worth Rs. 15,000 for six months free.
  • When you use the credit card within the first 30 days after receiving it, you will earn 1,000 reward points.

Bank of Baroda Titanium Master Credit Card

The BOB Titanium Master Credit Card is accepted all around the world and is associated with MasterCard International.

Joining fees :- 250 Rs

Annual fees :- 250 Rs

Benefits and privileges :-

  • Spending Rs. 25,000 in a year and making frequent payments waives the annual cost.
  • one loyalty point for every 100 rupees spent.
  • features and benefits that Master Card has built-in are abundant.

Bank of Baroda Easy Credit Card

Every time you use your BOB Easy Credit Card, you can accrue reward points and money.

Joining Fee: Rs.500

Annual Fee: Rs.500

Benefits and privileges:-

  • Every Rs. 100 spent on meals, utilities, and internet purchases earns 5 reward points.
  • For every Rs. 100 spent in other categories, one reward point is earned.0.5% cashback for paying bills.

Bank of Baroda Elite Platinum Visa Credit Card

Joining Fees:- Rs. 500

Annual Fees:- Rs.500

Benefits and privileges:-

  • If you spend Rs. 50,000 or make consistent payments, the annual fee is waived.
  • 1 loyalty point is awarded for every Rs. 100 spent.

Bank of Baroda SELECT Credit Card

Joining Fees:- Rs.750

Annual fees:- Rs.750

Benefits and privileges :-

Every Rs. 100 spent on meals, utilities, and internet purchases earns 5 reward points.

  • 100 rupees spent on other categories will get you one reward point.
  • 1,000 additional bonus points per month.
  • Waiver of Gasoline Surcharge.
  • No yearly fees based on card usage.

Bank of Baroda Paytm Credit Card

Every time you use your BOB Paytm Credit Card to make a purchase on Paytm, you can accrue reward points.

Joining Fees:- Rs.2,000

Annual fees:- Rs.2,000

Benefits and privileges:-

  • With a Paytm purchase, 12 rewards points.
  • On other purchases, 4 reward points.
  • Complimentary airport lounge, round-the-clock concierge service, golf programme.
  • With no gasoline surcharge.

Bank of Baroda credit card eligibility requirements:-

Age requirement:-

Bank of Baroda Credit Cards applicants must adhere to certain age requirements in order to be considered. All applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 65.

Income requirment:-

To be qualified, applicants for Bank of Baroda Credit Cards must make a particular amount of money each year. Depending on the card the applicant chooses, this amount changes.

  • A limited liability corporation, a partnership, or a government entity should be one of the applicants for a Bank of Baroda Corporate Premium Credit Card.
  • Their paid-up capital must be at least Rs. 25 lakhs, and their companies’ net worth must be at least Rs. 50 lakhs.
    In addition, they must have a BOB rating of 6 or higher and a credit facility of at least Rs. 1 crore.
  • The candidates would be given preference if they already have a financial relationship with Bank of Baroda.

BOB Credit Cards: Necessary Documents

While applying for a Bank of Baroda credit card, applicants must submit the following paperwork:

  • Address proof:-
    • passport
    • Electricity bill
    • UID
  • Identity proof:-
    • passport
    • Voter ID card
    • Driving licences
    • pan card
    • UID
  • Income proof:-
    • Form 16
    • Income tax return
    • salary slip.

Several documents are required from Bank of Baroda Corporate Credit Card applicants during the application procedure. These papers are listed below:

  • IT Return Letter from the Business or a Board
  • Decision Partnership Deed or Memorandum of Agreement and Associations
  • Company PAN card
  • A copy of the last three years’ worth of profit and loss statements and
  • audited balance sheet and
  • Photo of applicant.

Redemption of Rewards

Your Bank of Baroda credit cards’ reward points can be redeemed via the BoB Rewards app for a variety of services, including cinema and restaurant tickets, hotel reservations, recharge, and travel. Reward Points can also be exchanged for cashback, with 1 Reward Point equaling Rs. 0.25.

Additional Fees & Costs :-

Before applying for a card, everyone should make sure they are aware of all the significant charges (or fees) that are applicable on the BoB Credit Cards in addition to the annual fee:

  • Interest Charges :- For all BoB Credit Cards, the monthly fee is 3.25%.
  • Cash Advance Fee :- 2.5 percent of the withdrawn funds, or Rs. 500 (whichever is higher).
  • Forex Markup Fee :- 3.5% for all other cards and 2% for the Eterna Card.

What are the fees for returning checks?

The minimum check return cost is Rs. 300, or 2% of the amount, whichever is larger. Cheque return fees for Bank of Baroda Signature Visa Credit Cards are a minimum of Rs. 500 or 2.5%, whichever is higher.

BoB Credit Card Customer Care :-

BoB Financial Services Limited cherishes its clients and provides them with assistance and support around-the-clock. For the following services, call 1800-103-1006 or 1800-225-100:

  • To prevent balance inquiries and PIN generation for your card.
  • The status of your card.
  • Also, you can use the BoB SMS service; the number is 9223172141.
  • For balance inquiries, use the text message
  • “BAL XXXX” To disable your lost or stolen card.
  • Text REWARD XXXX to learn the Reward Points summary.
  • SMS STAT XXXX to find out your most recent statement’s summary
  • To find out the last payment’s specifics, enter PAYMENT XXXX
    (where XXXX are the last 4 digits of your credit card number).